Fraud Help Desk

Have you ever seen a ghost invoice?

For Fraud Help Desk we created one

Fraude Help Desk is a national anti-fraud hotline. It aims to protect people against fraud and financially motivated crimes.⁠ This campaign is designed to create awareness for the dangers of fraudulent activity. In a series of shorts films consumers are warned about different types of fraud. ⁠

We created a short film to spotlight the most 'popular' types of fraud, so consumers can spot it before they fall victim. Forewarned is forearmed, as they say.

Persuasive creativity

Up to 80% of people think they will never fall victim to cybercrime or fraud. They're confident they can spot it (optimism bias. But there are so many new types of fraud that it's hard to keep up and take precautions. We needed to show that it could happen to anyone. Criminals are getting smarter and smarter. So consumers must, too. 





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