Pink Ribbon

Not just a bracelet but a lifeline

Show your support with the Pink Ribbon bracelet

One out of seven women in the Netherlands is struck by breast cancer. Pink Ribbon finances scientific research with the aim of facilitating a better life for breast cancer patients in all phases of the disease. In 2020 we were in a lockdown. This meant that events (which are a big source of income for Pink Ribbon) weren't allowed. That’s why we created a 360 campaign to promote sales of the Pink Ribbon bracelet. To raise money for breast cancer research.

In the TVC, we show what Pink Ribbon's bracelet stands for. It represents all women who have fought or know someone fighting breast cancer. When you look at the bracelet, you can almost see them. In the film, we introduce three of these brave women who become the spokespersons of the campaign.

The heroes of the TVC share their stories of how breast cancer impacted their lives in a podcast. They were invited by Radio 3FM and play a leading role in the music video of the campaign's anthem: Lifeline by Amber Gomaa, THNDR & Rico Dean. We created the soundtrack for Breast Cancer Awareness month in October and all streaming revenue goes to charity. So let’s get streaming!

Persuasive Creativity

This campaign leverages the 'identifiable victim effect'. It’s hard for people to relate to numbers. We have an irrational tendency to offer greater aid if we can identify an individual in need, rather than a large anonymous group — if we can put a face to the suffering. In the campaign, we highlight three women to evoke the feeling of supporting someone you know.

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